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 Plans utilization of facilities, equipment, materials and personnel to improve efficiency of operations.
 Prepares and validates new visual aides, process flow charts, and manufacturing procedures.
 Establishes work measurement programs and analyzes work samples to develop standards for labor utilization and the measurement of performance.
 Prepares, updates, and revises labor standards for new and existing products.
 Analyzes work force utilization, facility layout, and operational data, such as production costs, process flow charts, and production schedules, to determine efficient utilization of workers and equipment.
 Recommends methods for improving worker efficiency and reducing waste of materials and utilities, such as restructuring job duties, reorganizing work flow, relocating work stations and equipment, and purchase of equipment. .


Employees will be required to perform the following activities or responsibilities within the quality system
 Must be able to support or lead process improvement or problem-solving teams
 Must be able to support quality system requirements through:
 document preparation and control for quality system procedures
 ensuring that all documents or data used in the quality system is current and properly approved
 provide timely document and data control master list and revisions, to include management of the change control system
 provide product pricing information to accounting and business unit managers
 establish and maintain capacity capabilities and analysis procedures
 establish and maintain up to date BOM’s
 provide facility layouts
 Must review and approve visual aides, process flowcharts, procedures, and documentation needed for production and continuous process improvement
 Must be able to develop and maintain labor standards, process flows, and tooling requirements
 Must participate in proto-type builds of new product to verify manufacturing documentation and standards
 Must be able to collect or prepare all information necessary for completion of formal quotations and response to customer RFQ's


 Post-secondary bachelors degree in engineering or other related analytical discipline from and accredited college or university plus a minimum of 2 years manufacturing-related experience
 Must be able to read, interpret, and implement safety rules, customer orders, work instructions, engineering procedures, manuals, and methods
 Must be able to implement cost-effective and reliable mechanical and electronic assembly processes for ensuring the efficient and controlled use of available resources to enhance competitive pricing and profitability
 Must be able to measure the results of process improvements by yield improvements, reliability increases, timeliness of technological implementation, and cost effectiveness
To apply, please download this form , fill it out and return it to us via fax or email.